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Jon Arnold

Looks good, a work in progress. Would suggest different color/font/border/something around the "Get Our Monthly Newsletter", "Search", "Featured Vendors" to make them stand out more as they get lost in the busy-ness of the sidebar as it stands now.

Jon Arnold, President
JA Communications Group Inc
Telarus/ShopForT1 Technical Consultant

Zachary Schechter

The design is nice and clean and it is easy to navigate. In your email about this site, you indicated "to be a model of the 'perfect telecom agent website'" The setup is great for what you personally offer... but a typical telecom agent would likely have more of a bent towards products for sale. Especially on the home page. Still, were this to be a telecom agent's site... I like the consultative approach. Rather than throwing hard product information... you are clearly showing yourself as a consultant more than just a sales agency. The 'Free 45-Minute Call Offer' is a nice addition to that if an agent wanted to push themselves more in that direction. However, it would then not be clear if they were asking for payment for conusultancy services or acting as a sales agent where the carriers comp them.

I am sure this was just a kernel with more of an angle to your consultant services (as you indicate you do not receive any over-rides or commission... just a flat monthly fee)... and it would be customized or at least a slightly different template for other agency types. In that regard... this is a phenomenal start. I guess it remains to see how it develops over time for other independant agent types.

Best of luck and Success!

A Facebook User

Good work, Dan. I like the look of the website and the content looks amazing. I wish you continued success in assisting agents/resellers around the world.
Mike Burns



Looks good, a lot of information. The only thing I could think of that was missing was any information for wireless on the "Vendor" page. Maybe it is somewhere else on the site?

Mark Nourick
TelSolutions (a work in progress as well)

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